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What is a Mapto ?

Mapto, the โ€œBusiness Development Guide,โ€ has been specially designed to offer an e-commerce solution that brings together all companies in the world and provides an excellent B2C user experience without sacrificing B2B functionality. The most significant difference from other marketplaces is that it is customer-supported!

In todayโ€™s world, product, manufacturer, and communication demands are the basis of e-commerce searches on the internet. It restructures the โ€œroadmap of e-commerceโ€ by bringing all these demands together and making them accessible to users.

How can this benefit my business?

For Business;

With Mapto, businesses can showcase their products and companies on a stable platform, source needed products directly from trustworthy manufacturers, access sectoral analyses and trends, and obtain contact information for desired companies from any country.

It empowers companies to find the personnel they are seeking, stay informed about fairs and events, keep abreast of developments in the business world, and take advantage of opportunities and discounts.

What is the usefulness of for customers?

For Customer; It provides users with the ability to compare current information, product and service details, operating hours, complaints, and reviews of the companies they are searching for, as well as similar companies located in their area or offering the same service in different areas.

It allows them to acquire the products theyโ€™re seeking and the most suitable options with various alternatives of the same product directly from manufacturers and reputable companies. They stay informed about career opportunities, promotions, fairs, and events held in their area at all times.

What's our purpose?

We aim to facilitate swift global promotion for businesses of all scales. This involves fostering both local and international trade by identifying regional demands and sectoral trends to fulfill import and export needs. Detailed reports are key to understanding these dynamics.

We track keyword trends to discern popular searches across regions, sectors, companies, products, services, events, and advertisements. This helps us determine preferences and discover emerging opportunities.

Our platform also provides insights into the local business landscape, including company profiles and how visitors discover these businesses. Additionally, we analyze regional preferences for products, bringing together diverse sectors and companies to address a myriad of queries and interpret their outcomes.

Bringing industries together since 2008, Mapto.com stands as the premier platform for a global business directory. Serving millions of companies and suppliers worldwide.

Tech Professionals

We empower over 5.5 million businesses, spanning from startups to Fortune 100 companies, and weโ€™ve been doing so for over a decade. Operating as a fully remote team since our inception, we now have a presence in 20 countries.

Our mission is to transform the way people accomplish tasks, with the goal of making Mapto a platform that truly benefits everyone.

Our Mission

At MAPTO, our mission is to facilitate business transactions worldwide.

We achieve this by providing suppliers with the tools they need to reach a global audience for their products, and by assisting buyers in quickly and efficiently finding products and suppliers.


Mapto is dedicated to forging a dependable, transparent, and equitable commercial platform with global recognition. Our vision is to set the industry standard by embracing and spearheading cutting-edge innovations at an international level, ensuring that businesses worldwide thrive in an environment of integrity and fairness.

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