Our ecosystem framework emulates the basic functionalities of traditional finance, laying a strong foundation for a RWA-based DeFi infrastructure:

Data: enable instantaneous access of real world data on-chain, including asset pricing, loan performance, transaction records, etc

Tools: enable execution of financial transactions, including data analytics, notary services, contract signing, asset valuation, KYC/AML, etc

Insurance: provide flexible, economical and quantifiable solutions to mitigate financial risks

Distribution: access to retail and institutional lenders, corporate and individual borrowers globally

Liquidity: access to on and off-chain sources of funding, capital and liquidity

Asset Originator: access investment grade real world assets evaluated and approved by accredited validators

Credit: provide solutions for credit-based financial transactions, including credit scoring, risk assessment algorithm, etc.

OTC: enable and facilitate frictionless exchanges of crypto and local currencies globally

Derivative: create new classes of financial instrument consisting of real world and crypto assets

Exchange: provide marketplaces for the trading of the new RWA-Crypto derivatives

Investment: create investible financial products, including money market, ETFs, etc

Stable Coin: provide solutions for the creation of stable coins backed by real world assets

Transfer: enable timely, secured and compliant transfer of real world assets among parties

Security: provide technical solutions to safeguard the digitalization of real world assets

Tax: provide bookkeeping and accounting solutions compliant with local tax and regulatory guidance

We rely on our partners to help further define the scope of the above mentioned categories, needless to say, we’re also excited about working with protocols to expand the overall ecosystem. As DeFi is still in its infancy, a partnership-driven ecosystem will be the catalyst to transform the industry. As Steve Elop, CEO of Nokia, adequately recognized:

The battle of devices has now become a war of ecosystems…. Our competitors aren’t taking our market share with devices; they are taking our market share with an entire ecosystem

As we continue building the MAPTO Protocol, we will be mindful that it takes a strong team, sound business model and great products to build a great company; and it takes an ecosystem to build an empire.

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