You can ask us anything you can't find in the Frequently Asked Questions.

Certainly! Here's the revised version with the questions bolded:

Why invest in MAPTO now? Firstly, the affordable price and new project offer the opportunity to acquire more tokens. As the project grows and the ecosystem develops, the token value may increase, providing returns to early investors.

Why choose MAPTO among hundreds of ICOs? MAPTO, available since 2008, has engaged in business across sectors and with government institutions globally. Continuously updating its interface and projects, it maintains millions of internet indexes.

What will my investment be used for? In MAPTO ICO, cryptocurrency tokens are sold to speculators or investors in exchange for legal tender or other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ether.

How can I track my investment? Check your investment return as MAPTO/DOLLAR - DOLLAR/MAPTO in your membership panel.

What wallets can I use for purchases? During pre-ICO, purchase with cryptocurrency and credit card. During ICO, sales are exclusively with cryptocurrencies.

How much can I earn? Staking rewards range from 50% to 350% APR, with significant potential for early users.

What is the Pre ICO? The first sale cycle before going public, providing the best opportunity to join the MAPTO Blockchain Genesis.

What are ICOs? Cryptocurrency forms used by businesses to raise capital, where investors receive unique tokens in exchange for investment.

Where does MAPTO earn and how long can it survive? Founded in 2008, MAPTO has diverse revenue models ensuring long-term sustainability.

Can my investment be taxed? Pre-sale purchases can be invoiced as an advertising expense or business development investment, while ICO sales can't be invoiced, limited to cryptocurrencies.

How do ICO tokens gain value? As the network grows and tokens become more in-demand, their value increases.

Can I sell when I want? Yes, transfer or sell your NFTs once mined.

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